1. 小学四年级英语短文(10~12句),带翻译

Today is Sunday,and I stay at home.I think it’s intersting ,because my brother come to my home,and he bring some toies. And I can play with him.And the best thing is that he decided to give me this.So I’m very happy!


2. 小学生四年级英语作文my hoes 10句话

and Big LeafLil Girl, god damn another nigga didnt make it back (Mr, and Boo;t believeThat he’.C)My lil brother Kevin Miller rest in peaceElbraud, La Crowe Pac, the ScarfaceDank;s foot or ya 4-leaf cloverIt all be a myth in ya mindA hero aint about shit if they aint about dyingYou know who was a hero to methat nigga MoXs on the Howard J G[Master P]And yall other niggas thats still livinThat wanna be a hero but can’, but me, and AnguardBig Pepper, the gats go powBut my homies got caught upEven though they had no way out the ghetto but the come upOff the streets in the hood money[Chorus x4]My Ghetto HeroesI watched em live fast, God damn what yall thinkin aboutThey gone,lil HorgelRandall, I watched em die slow [Skull Duggery]What you mean I need a heroA hero is a zero to meThe only hero that I know is them niggas in my hood GThey gave me the game so I enhanced the gatThan I took the game,to dime PSeritz, I mean they soldiersBut thets the type of cal i live up and hold toLike Joe Jackson, jinte, and Nap, Lil EmmoRandy,Sir Pat, God damnThey got bigger, Mike Tyson,Loot;t be ya lucky rabbit’,Burnell,can’,Marlow;s gone, caught up in some pigeonsLike my lil cousin Jimmy,and MeatheadAnd what about Kenny SepAnd all my niggas that dead and gone that got caught in the repAnd my other heroes still livinBut they locked up behind bars., and ripped it out the frameI tried and told yaA hero can’But you know what most nigga look up to like PresidentsNiggas thats in sportsAll this type of shit as heroesThey might look at motherfuckin Muhammed AliYah know Sugar Ray Leanord, the list go longerI could start from New Orleans and go back to CaliforniaTo lil Tony, damn guard ya grillMaster PCuz where ya goin you gotta watch your backJudge.[Master P]Air Jordan aint no motherfuckin hero GMy heroes is niggas in the ghetto that slang DThat right on chrome and triple gold and pimp hoesAnd take any nigga in the click to the Super BowlAnd party like it aint nothinBut most of my homies they done died over drug moneyLike Bizzy Bob and Sam Skutty but I still love emAir full of motherfucker and I still wanna hug emBig Dave,Pee Wee damnAnother mission completeTook off the streets locked up by the policeMeatball, my nigga gone to the battle fieldDandon and Levi, Nextditch。

3. 小学四年级英语下册句子

1、现在几点钟? What time is it ?

2、现在九点钟。 It’s 9 o’clock.

3、该是上学的时候了。 It’s time to go to school.

4、该是上英语课的时候了。It’s time for English class.

5、这是我们的教室。 This is our classroom.

6、那是教师办公室,中小学英语《小学四年级英语句子:重点必会句型》()。 That is the teacher’s desk.

7、这是一台电脑吗?是的,它是。Is this a computer ? Yes, it is.

8、那是一匹马吗? 不,它不是。Is that a horse ? No, it isn’t.

9、它是什么颜色? 它是绿色。 What colour is it ? It’s green.

10、他们是什么颜色?它们是黑白色。What colour are they ? They are black and white.

11、它是多少钱? 它是八元。 How much is it ? It’s 8 yuan.

12、它们是多少钱? 它们是三十三元。 How much are they ? They are 10 yuan.

13、这是什么? 它是一只洋葱。What’s this ? It’s an onion.

14、那些是什么? 它们是猪。 What are those ? They are pigs.

15、有多少只绵羊? 十五只。How many sheep are there ? There are 15.

16、它是一只鸭子吗? 是的,它是。Is it a duck ? Yes, it is.

17、它们是黄瓜吗? 不是,它们不是。Are they cucumbers ? No, they aren’t.

18、今天天气晴朗。It’s sunny today.

19、今天寒冷吗? 是的,它是。Is it cold today ? Yes, it is.

4. 人教版小学英语四年级上册,所有单词句子


Unit 1

computer(计算机) board(写字板) fan(风扇) light(灯) this(这;这个) is(是)

my(我的) that(那;那个) your(你的) teacher’s desk(讲台) picture(图画;照片) wall(墙壁) floor(地板) yes(是;是的) it(它)

Unit 2

one(一) two(二) three(三) four(四) five(五) six(六) seven(七) eight(八) nine(九) ten(十) what(什么) time(时间) it’s=it is …o’clock(…点钟) math(数学) Chinese(语文) English(英语) P.E.(体育) music(音乐) for(为;给) class(课程)

Unit 3

jacket(夹克衫) shirt(衬衫) skirt(裙

子) dress(连衣裙) T-shirt(T恤衫) red(红色的) blue(蓝色的) yellow(黄色的) green(绿色的) white(白色的) no(不;不是) not(不;不是的) colour(颜色)

Unit 4

warm(暖和的) cold(寒冷的) cool(凉爽的) today(今天) jeans(牛仔裤) pants(长裤) socks(袜子) shoes(鞋子) let’s=let us play(玩;踢) football(足球) snowy(下雪的) sunny(晴朗的)

Unit 5

how much(多少钱) big(大的) small(小的) long(长的) short(短的) apple(苹果) banana(香蕉) pear(梨) orange(橙子) watermelon(西瓜) are(是)

they 它(他、她)们

Unit 6

horse(马) aren’t=are not cat(猫) rabbit(兔子) pig(猪) duck(鸭子) dog(狗) eleven(十一) twelve(十二) thirteen(十三) fifteen(十五) twenty(二十) how many(多少) there(那儿;那里)





Is this your pen?

Yes it is./No it isn’t.


1.将陈述句变为一般疑问句时,如句中有be 动词(am is are …)时,可直接将它们提至主语前。如主语为第一人称,应将其改为第二人称。如:

I’m in Class 2Grade 1. →

Are you in Class 2Grade 1?

We’re watching TV. →

Are you watching TV?

2.陈述句中有情态动词(can may must …)时,也可直接将它们提至主语前,即可成为一般疑问句。如:

He can swim now. →

Can he swim now?

The children may come with us. → May the children come with us?

3.陈述句中只有一个实义动词作谓语且其时态为一般现在时,变为一般疑问句时要在句首加do或does 主语后的实义动词用原形。如:

I like these animals. →

Do you like these animals?

She wants to go to the movies. → Does she want to go to the movies?


5.一般疑问句有时不用yes或 no 回答


5. 小学四年级英语电影5句精彩句子

教父的:Don’t hate your enemy,or you will make wrong judgment.不要憎恨你的敌人,否则你将做出错误的判断.Don’t let anybody know what you are thinking.不要让任何人知道你在想什么.You make the choice,and this is your price.你做出了这个决定,这是你的代价.Everything I do with my power,including something criminal,I just want to protect my family and my friends .我以我的力量所做的一切事情,包括一些罪恶,只是为了保护我的家人和我的朋友.I don’t care what you did is right or wrong,I want you know only me have the right to make decision,cause I am the godfather until my death.我不关心你的所作所为是正确的还是错误的,我只是要你知道,只有我有权利作出决定,因为我是教父,唯有我的死亡能否定它.I will never do anything guilty.我永远不会做让自己内疚的事情.So,love somebody else.那么,去爱一些其他人吧.Do you spend time with your family?Good.Because a man that doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.你经常跟家人呆在一起吗?不错.因为不经常与家人呆在一起的男人,永远也成不了真正的男人!I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.我准备向他提出一个他不可能拒绝的条件.I spent my whole life trying not to be careless.Women and children can be careless.But not men.我费了一生的精力,试图不让自己变得十分粗心.女人和小孩子们可以很粗心,但男人不会.《阿甘正传》 Stupid is stupid as does.(傻人有傻福.) If there’s anything you need,I won’t be far away。

(要你轻轻的呼唤我,我就在你身边.) Jenny:Why’re you so good to me?(为什么你对我那么好?) Forrest:You’re my girl.(你是我的女朋友.) Jenny:I’ll always be your girl.(我永远是你的女朋友.) Jenny:I wish I could have been there with you.(我希望当时就和你一起.) Forrest:You were.(你一直都在!) 《肖申克的救赎》 Get busy living,Or get busy dying.(岌岌而生,岌岌而死.) It takes a strong man to save himself,and a great man to save another.(坚强的人只能救赎自己,伟大的人才能拯救他人.) I remember my grandson asked me the other day,he said:”Grandpa,were you a hero in the great war?” “No,” I replied,” But I served in a company of heroes.” 有一天我的小孙子问我“爷爷,你是大战中的英雄吗?我回答:不.但我与英雄们一 同服役.” (兄弟连)《阿甘正传》Life was like a box of chocolates,you never know what you’re gonna get.(生命就像一盒巧克力,结果往往出人意料) Stupid is as stupid does.(蠢人做蠢事,也可理解为傻人有傻福) Miracles happen every day.(奇迹每天都在发生) Death is just a part of life,something we’re all destined to do.(死亡是生命的一部分,是我们注定要做的一件事) Jenny and I was like peas and carrots.(我和珍妮形影不离)。


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