1. 求英语同义句和句型转换题各100个~~~~要问题加答案那种~~~最好句

1.Do remember to lock the door when you leave.______ _______you lock the door when you leave.2.The little girl wanted to know when her father could take her to Paris.The little girl wanted to know______ ______ be taken to Paris.3.French is not the first language in any of these countries.French is the first language in ______ _______ these countries.4.My uncle left the room. he said nothing to us.My uncle left the room______ _______ anything to us.5.He wasn’t good at English. I thought.I____ _____ ______he was good at english.6.Both Mike and Mary have been to Beijing.(否定句)______Mike______Mary______been to Beijing.7.It took him an hour to write the letter.He _______an hour_______the letter.8.We should knock a long stick into the earth.A long stick _______ ________ _______into the earth.9.She paid 400 yuan for the new bike.The new bike_______ ______400 yuan.10.How about playing basketball with us?____ ______play football with us?11. “Will Wang Feng come here in a minute?” she asked.She asked______Wang Feng______ come here in a minute?12.Jim didn’t visit the museum yesterday. He stayed at home.Jim stayed at home yesterday_______ ______visiting the museum.13.There are more people in China than in India.The________of China is________than that of India.14.The talk is very important.The talk is_____great______.15.He can’t catch the bus if he doesn’t run fast.He can’t catch the bus______ he______fast.16.You should let someone repair the TV set.You should______the TV set __________. 17Jim wants to go boatingand his parents want to go boating, too.Jim wants to go boating and________ _______his parents.18.The ice on the lake was so thin that people couldn’t skate on it.The ice on the lake was not ______ enough______people to____ _____.19.How many people are there in France.______ _____the population of France?20.We hold the International Kite Festival in Weifang every year.The International Kite Festival____ _______in Weifang every year.21.They say that Mr liu can speak German.______ ______that Mr Liu can speak German.22.My sister prefers reading to going shopping.My sister likes_______ ______than going shopping.My sister prefers____ _____rather than______ shopping.23.I feel like going to the zoo with my friends this Saturday.I_______like to____to the zoo with my friends this Saturday.24.He doesn’t do any other things. He is only on internet.He is always on internet______ _____doing other things.25.The picture was usually put up in the park near the playground.The picture was put up in the park____to the playground as_______.26.It seems that he has had a cold.He seems_____ ______had a cold.27.The tree is so tall that we can’t reach it.The tree is______tall______us ______ _____.28.I’m interested in the old museum in this city.The old museum in this city______ ______ _____me.29.They knew everything only after you told him.They knew______ _______ you told him.30.There are many trees around the house. It’s my house.The house______many trees around is _______.31.I won’t pass the exam if you don’t help.I won’t pass the exam ______ your_______.32.Father Christmas comes from a real person in history.Father Christmas is ________ ____ a real person in history.33.He doesn’t know much Japanese.He ______ only a______Japanese.34.If you ask him, he will you tell you the truth._______him,______he will tell you the truth.35.She likes to make her own clothes. She doesn’t like to buy them in shops.She prefers making her own clothes_____ _____buying them in shops.36.Neither Tom nor Jack read yesterday’s newspaper.Tom didn’t read yesterday’s newspaper,_______ ________Jack.37.I heard he was singing in the next room.I heard_______ ______in the next room.38.Peter is 150 centimeters tall,so is Mike.Mike is the same_______ ______Peter.39.The doctor told him to stop smoking.The doctor told him to _____ _______smoking.40.Please don’t make our room dirty.Please _____ our classroom____.41.The heavy rain stopped them from leaving home.The heavy rain_______ them _______ at home.42.This book isn’t as interesting as that one.This book is _______interesting than that one.43.There are more people in this city than in that city.The _____ of this city is_______than _____of that one.44.This book has nothing to do with English.This book is_____ _______English.45.Bob had no teacher,but he learned English well at his young age.Bob________ ______English when he was young.46.There’s nobody but a passenger in the bus.There’s。

2. (英语)按要求改句子好的话再加100悬赏变否定:1、

1、They don’t play chess together every Sunday.2、Rose didn’t clean her bedroom last night.3、Tony didn’t write a letter to his pen pal a month ago.4、He doesn’t often watch TV on weekends.5、They didn’t buy a new backpack last year.6、I was not in the post office with my mom just now.7、she doesn’t wash her clothes every morning.8、He didn’t come to the party just now.9、she is not running on the playground now.10、She didn’t visite her grandparents last weekends.11、Linda was not in the restaurant with her sister yesterday afternoon.12、I don’t usually go to school by bike.13、Sam is not skating at school with his friends now.14、Jane doesn’t study history with her partners every night.15、They are not eating dinner together now.1、I wash clothes at home every morning.(every morning)2、He sleeps in his bedroom every night.(every night)3、She did her homework with her best friend last night.(last night)4、Bob went to school by school bus yesterday morning.(yesterday morning)5、They are eating hamburgers for lunch now.(now)6、Jane is writing a letter to her pen pal now.(now)7、Jim is swimming in the pool with his father now.(now)8、Sam was at home thirty minutes ago .(thirty minutes ago)9、Gina usually buy a new notebook in the shop.(usually)10、Look!Linda is dancing with her mother at home.(Look!)11、Jack often skates at school with his best friends.(often)12、Rita is speaking English with her partners now.(now)13、Tim helped his brother with his English an hour ago.(an hour ago)14、They is running to the supermarket now.(now)15、Frank sits next to Peter every morning.(every morning)16、Eric was at school just now.(just now)17、Ella runs quickly on the play ground every morning.(every morning)18、Tom and Kate are eating dumplings for dinner now.(now)19、Rose waited for the bus at the bus stop ten minutes ago .(ten minutes ago)20、Jimmy has eggs for breakfast every morning.(every morning)。

3. ..悬赏100分英翻汉:Weworkforninehourseachdayonweekends汉翻英

看的我头晕~~ = =我们周末每天工作9小时.欢迎到我们俱乐部来: Welcome to our club. 你哥哥真的不喜欢运动吗?: Is that real your brother don’t like aports?a little = 一点play with = 和。

玩那个摇滚乐队需要3名擅长音乐的人: That rock band needs three member who are good at music.你知道他的名字是什么吗?: Do you know what is his name?苹果是我妈妈最喜欢的水果: Apple is my mother’s favorite fruit.句型转换:What club do you want to join?Can Linda play volleyball?Jerry doesn’t get up at seven o’clock.What time is it now?Mary does her homework at 7:30 pm.Can I play the piano?His aunt cannot swim.What can your uncle do?听他说话: Listen to him.加入篮球俱乐部: Join the basketball club.他经常乘五路车去上班: He always take the No.5 bus to work.林欣和他姐姐都在美术俱乐部: Linxin and his sister are both in the art club.老亨利喜欢看早间节目: Old henry likes to watch morning TV show.现在都十点了,该起床了: It is 10 o’clock now, it’s time to get up.你们什么时候上历史课: When do you have history class?弄完了~~~。

4. 英语短语100个

to…. 加入 put on 把什么放到什么上边 八年级上册 UNIT 8went to the aquarium 去水族馆took photos 照相went to the zoo 去动物园have pizza 吃比萨饼 eat some ice cream 吃一些冰激凌hung out with friends 和朋友在一起 see some seals 看到一些海豹buy a souvenir 买一个礼物saw some sharks 看到一些鲨鱼went to the beach 去沙滩meet a famous actor 遇见一个电影明星have a great time 玩的愉快 for the day 那天 lots of 很多 end of 结束have a school trip 有一个学校旅游 take the subway 乘坐地铁 watch TV with a friend 和朋友一起看电视 take a class 上课 sleep late 很晚睡go for a drive 去开车 sound like 听起来像 have fun 玩的开心 yard sale 庭院旧货出售 kind of 有点 in the future 在未来win the first prize 赢得一等奖 八年纪 上册 Unit 11Take out 取出 do chores 琐事;干家务do the dishes 洗餐具sweep the floor清扫地板;扫地living room 起居室;客厅work on 从事;忙于do the laundry洗衣服take care of 照看;照顾八年级上册 Unit 12close to 靠近by bus 乘公共汽车FM=Frequency Modulation调频AM=Amplitude Modulation调幅think about 考虑do a survey of 做了…调查As for 关于As for=aboutwithout 没有the prize for ..的奖励the price of .的价钱 cut their prices 减价need to 需要……in the daytime 在白天talent show 天才表演play a piano piece演奏一段钢琴曲ask sb. sth .radio station 广播电台in a fun part of town 在城镇有一个有趣的聚会big screen 巨大的银幕closest to home接近家most comfortable seats座位非常舒服movie theater电影院showtime cinema电影院good quality 好的质量think about 考虑talent show 才艺表演without music 无音乐funniest actor 滑稽的演员most popular 最受欢迎most creative music video 最巨创造性的音乐录影带do a survey of 做了……的调查new movies新的电影院a lot to do 有很多要做……in the north of China 在中国北部get the prize 得奖North China 华北South China 华南West China 华西East China 华东good book 好书八年级上 Unit 1go to the movie 去看电影watching TV 看电视every day 每天on weekends 在周末play soccer 踢足球do homework 做作业junk food 垃圾食品drink milk 喝牛奶be good for health 对健康有好处eat vegetables 吃蔬菜eat fruit 吃水果every night 每天晚上eating habits 饮食习惯a lot of 许多的of course 当然try to do 尽量……healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式good grades 好身体the same as 和……一样healthy habit 健康的习惯get up 起床play ping-pong 打乒乓球hardly ever 几乎不八年纪 上册 Unit 2have a cold 患感冒have a stomachache 换肚子痛see a headache 患头痛lie down and rest 躺着休息see a dentist 看牙医go to bed 去睡觉feeling well 感觉很好go to the party 去参加聚会healing foods 可治疗食物at the moment 此时That’s a good idea 那是一个好主意I’m sorry to hear that.我希望你很快好起来healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式八年级上 Unit 5hou about ……怎么样study for a test 为考试而学习go to the doctor 去看医生have a piano lesson有一节钢琴课help my parents 帮助我的父母visit my aunt 拜访我的姨妈come to my party 参加我的聚会have to 不得不too much 太多much too 很,非常go to the mall 去大商场soccer practice 练习足球the day befor yesterday前天the day after tomorrow后天going to my cousin’s birthday party准备参加我堂妹的生日聚会science test 科学考试finish the geography project完成我的地理学科culture club 文化班the whole day=all day 整天八年纪 上册 Unit 6jazz music 爵士乐classical music 古典音乐dance music 舞曲pop music 流行音乐country music 乡村音乐go upstairs 上 楼 go straight 直走turn left 向左转turn right 向右转next to 在旁边between and 在……之间in front of 在……前面kind of 种类culture palace 文化宫殿western culture 西方文化eastern culture 东方文化on the left 在左边on the right 在右边Beijing Opera Palace京剧宫殿Chinese Music Hall中国音乐大厅Chinese Festivals Park中国节日公园art palace 艺术宫殿in the park 在公园and so on 等等八年级上 Unit 7Turn on 打开 cut up 切碎 pour sht. into 把什么倒入 put sth. into 把什么放进Mix up 混合在一起 add….听到这儿我很难过have a sore back 患背痛have a sore throat 患咽炎have a toothache 患牙痛hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶drink lots of water 喝大量的水eat anything 吃任何东西listen to music 听音乐stressed out 紧张的have a fewer 发烧for example 例如balanced diet 饮食平衡了What’s the matter? 你怎么了I hope you feel better soon。


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