I have read some books this term。 The one which impressed me most is 。 I brought this book last term。The book consists of three versions: French, Chinese and English。 I read Chinese version first, which made my second read in English much easier。 I’m not going to talk about the fairy tale’s writing skills, writing style and what philosophy it contains。 Instead, I will pick out several sentences which moved me a lot and then show my feeling。

  In part 4, there is “Not everyone has had a friend。” And later, in part 17, there’s “It’s also lonely with people。” The two sentences nearly have the same meaning。 A true friend is of a lifetime。 You may say that: “I have a lot of friends, and we always play together and chat together……” But in fact, friends are not those whom you always stay with。 Friends can be away from your daily life, can be out of connection for a long time, but they understand what you do and what you say all the time。 You never feel embarrassed when you stay with your friends and even say no words。

  In part 8, the little prince: “He had taken seriously certain inconsequential remarks and had grown very unhappy。” It’s the same to us。 We are too concerned about what others say to do what we really want to。 Nowadays, we seems to care more about other people than ourselves。 When you have bought a dress you thought was beautiful, someone says that: “ Oh, it is not suitable for you。” Guess what, you will not wear the dress any more even if it is new。

  In part 18, the flower had seen a caravan passing: “The wind blows them away。 They have no roots, which hampers them a good deal。” The sentence seems ridiculous, however, makes me think a lot。 For human being, roots mean spirit belief。 There’s someone saying that: “One nation won’t be destroyed as long as it has belief。” Here, I want to mention Jewry。 No matter how much hardship it went through, it never give up its struggling。 I have seen a photo: an old Jewish woman holds a book and reads it seriously even though she is in the ruin after one battle。 I admire this nation, and at the same time, I worry about our nation。 Maybe it has belief which I don’t notice。 It couldn’t be denied that we are being more and more fickle and materialistic。 We are losing our spiritual belief gradually。 Read more and search for one spiritual holy land。

  In part 21, the fox tells the little prince : “It’s the time you spent on your rose that makes you rose so important。” I love this sentence most。 I think of people’s dream。 Perhaps in others’ eyes, our dreams are insignificant。 They always discourage us。 But what we should know is that only if you devote to your dream, your dream id unique。 You yourself is the master of your dream。

  At last, I want to take the author’s word as the ending: All grown-ups were children first (But few of them remember it)。 If only we all remember it。


  In this summer holidays, I read a book called < Great Expectations>, it was written by the Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers。 He wrote lots of wonderful novels。 This book is one of his positions。

  People always like to pare with their friends。 It is a big foible of all the people。 If other people have a lot of money, we also want to be rich。 If all the people around us are poor , we never mind that we are very poor, too。 we will not ashamed because of our folly。 This is a social problem。

  If we never possess anything, we will not mind we lost some thing。 Since we don’t want to be very rich ,we will not feel despond because poor。

  The protagonist of this novel is Pip (Handel)。 His parents died when he was a baby。 His sister had brought him up ‘by hand’。 His sister married to Joe Gargery, the village blacksmith。 They didn’t have much money, and Pip never went to school to study。 But he was often very happy 。Because all of his friends are like him。 It isn’t very unfortunate to them, this is their lives。 But by a chance, Pip helped a convict; he gave much food to him。 Then he met Miss Havisham, a very strange old woman and she was very rich。

  Four years later, Miss Havisham wants Pip to be removed from his home and educated as a gentleman who expects inherit a fortune when he grow up。

  After hearing that 。 Pip started to despise his poor friends。 He even feel ashamed because he live with the poor man 。 Pip’s ‘great expectations’ destroyed his life。

  This novel told us that we cannot pare with others 。Don’t feel envy at the others money。 And if one day you be very rich , please don’t despise your poor friends。


  one of the most interesting questions about gullivers travels is whether the houyhnhnms represent an ideal of rationality or whether on the other hand they are the butt of swift’s satire。 in other words, in book iv, is swift poking fun at the talking horses or does he intend for us to take them seriously as the proper way to act? if we look closely at the way that the houyhnhnms act, we can see that in fact swift does not take them seriously: he uses them to show the dangers of pride。

  first we have to see that swift does not even take gullver seriously。 for instance, his name sounds much like gullible, which suggests that he will believe anything。 also, when he first sees the yahoos and they throw excrement on him, he responds by doing the same in return until they run away。 he says, “i must needs discover some more rational being,” even though as a human he is already the most rational being there is。 this is why swift refers to erasmus darwins discovery of the origin of the species and the voyage of the beagle-to show how gulliver knows that people are at the top of the food chain。 but if lemule gulliver is satirized, so are the houyhnhnms, whose voices sound like the call of castrati。 they walk on two legs instead of four, and seem to be much like people。 as gulliver says, “it was with the utmost astonishment that i witnessed these creatures playing the flute and dancing a vienese waltz。 to my mind, they seemed like the greatest humans ever seen in court, even more d

  extrous than the lord edmund burke” 。 as this quote demonstrates, gulliver is terribly impressed, but his admiration for the houyhnhnms is short-lived because they are so prideful。 for instance, the leader of the houyhnhnms claims that he has read all the works of charles dickens, and that he can singlehandedly recite the names of all the kings and queens of england up to george ii。 swift subtly shows that this houyhnhnms pride is misplaced when, in the middle of the intellectual petition, he forgets the name of queen elizabeths husband。

  swifts satire of the houyhnhnms es out in other ways as well。 one of the most memorable scenes is when the dapple grey mare attempts to woo the horse that guenivre has brought with him to the island。 first she acts flirtatiously, parading around the bewildered horse。 but when this does not have the desired effect, she gets another idea: “as i watched in amazement from my perch in the top of a tree, the sorrel nag dashed off and returned with a yahoo on her back who was yet more monstrous than mr。 pope being fitted by a clothier。 she dropped this creature before my nag as if offering up a sacrifice。 my horse sniffed the creature and turned away。” it might seem that we should take this scene seriously as a failed attempt at courtship, and that consequently we should see the grey mare as an unrequited lover。 but it makes more sense if we see that swift is being satiric here: it is the female houyhnhnm who makes the move, which would not have happened in eighteenth-century england。 the houyhnhm is b

  eing prideful, and it is that pride that makes him unable to impress gullivers horse。 gulliver imagines the horse saying, sblood, the notion of creating the bare backed beast with an animal who had held mr。 pope on her back makes me queezy 。

  a final indication that the houyhnmns are not meant to be taken seriously occurs when the leader of the houynhms visits lilliput, where he visits the french royal society。 he goes into a room in which a scientist is trying to turn wine into water (itself a prideful act that refers to the marriage at gallilee)。 the scientist has been working hard at the experiment for many years without success, when the houyhnmn arrives and immediately knows that to do: “the creature no sooner stepped through the doorway than he struck upon a plan。 slurping up all the wine in sight, he quickly made water in a bucket that sat near the door” 。


  ” les miserables ” (1862) is representative works of victor hugo,as one of the most famous novels in the french literature。

  the novel basic plot is ran a rang pitiful life history。 he originally is one poor family background worker, because the ine insufficient family member gets by, by one time stole the bread is arrested is put in prison。 passed 19 years firm prison and the bitter service life。 the punishment pletely after also has the larceny behavior, but benevolent bishop in the rice the sorrowful influence, the transformation is one shed oneself manner person。 he uses an alias is madland, works as the entrepreneur, and is pushed for mayor。 but soon and further because exposed the status is arrested is put in prison, after escapes rescues the deceased female worker fantin’s daughter cosette match from one bastard hand special, went to paris。 afterwards again unceasingly encountered police’s pursuit。 the ran a rang entire life fills is imprisoned the pain which the bitter service and drifts about destitute, this is the novel main clue。

  ” les miserables ” is the work which one realism and the romanticism unifies, the very many chapters glitter the realism glory, such as , in 1832 paris’s street barricade war all wrote is quite real。 but the romanticism technique quite was also obvious in the plot arrangement, writes the many extraordinary events。 if ran a rang lets lie down is lifted in the coffin the monastery, he rescues from the street barricade marilius, all is strange, molds, environment description, symbolic and contrast technique aspect and so on utilization in the character image, also manifests the romanticism the characteristic。


  《 notre dame cathedral》 is one known far and wide romantic faction strength which victor hugo writes 。 i take advantage of this summer vacation free time, read this great work。

  notre dame cathedral’s story, actually was one at that time social epic poem, since brimmed with really。 friendly。 beautiful, also the flow selfish desire and is false。 regardless of is good beautiful asmelada ,or has the ugly semblance, cacimodo with one pure mind, they represent the great amount the lower level populace which suppresses; perhaps is sinister coloud, he is appears by the theocracy face, all load bearing one kind of author’s ponder。the author in this work, for with the clown, was beautifully friendly and wickedly does the best annotation, or take above three people as the example, the rebel asmelada has the beautiful semblance and the chaste good mind, as well as pitiful destiny, but cacimodo, he withstood destiny deceive nicely, the innermost feelings is his misery is graver, but coloud maintained the benighted social rights and interests, he had brutally。 void mind and evil passion。 good person physique hateful, but the evil person actually says the appearance shore

  however, bright set off, social unfair manifest。

  but the article result also is when the opposition society until criticism: all beautiful is good all swallows by the might and the evil, the lower level people’s weak strength in under the king power rule, in the benighted society, only can be reduced to ashes。 was palatial notre dame cathedral, how many world tragedy testimony once, in hugo the novel, he as if had the life breath, he sheltered asmelada ,exposed coloud the crime, regret the populace attack the magnificent feat which dark actually heroically devoted……

  another the question which is worth pondering is: who is the hero? asmelada or cacimodo? i think all is not, but is in the article by the louis 11 rank smell of blood suppression rather for sacreficed the populace gate, asmelada with cacimodo is not in them the representative, asmelada is loves with the beautiful symbol, cacimodo not many represents is unfortunate and the pain。 but they, all suffer a tragic middle ages ignorant evil forces devastate, one each one painful soul is bleeding, flows the tear。 merely is notre dame cathedral’s above engraves ” the destiny “? they are in middle ages france, despotism sacrificial victim。

  the entire story rich tragic color, the plot intense is moving, exciting。 author hugo through ” notre dame cathedral ” this story, but also disclosed at that time the dark society’s essence to the people。 this fascinating story likes that ccimodo clocks sound equally shocks several generation of readers’ minds。


  Jane Eyre, it’s one of my favorite English novels。 Another one is Pride and prejudice。 The two ladies, Jane and Elizabeth, are some kind of similar。 Both of them are independent, long for true love, and defend against the old rules。 They don’t have beautiful face, but they have beautiful minds。

  When story began, Jane was a little girl living with her aunts and cousins。 They didn’t like her, scolded her, treated her just like a nursemaid, and even locked her in the Red House。 Later, she was sent to the Lowood School, where she met Helen, her friend。 As time went by, the little poor girl grew up。 Then she became a governess for a ten-year-old girl at Thornfield, where she met Mr。 Rochester, her master。 As a governess at Thornfield, she tasted the pleasures and pains of love。 She fell in love with Rochester but had to leave him for some reasons。 She found shelter at Moor House, where she focused on teaching and rejected Mr。 River’s marriage。 At the end, Jane returned to Thronfield after Mr。 Rochester was blind。 They have a quiet wedding:

  “I know what it is to be love and be loved。 No woman has ever been closer to her husband than I am to Edward。 I am my husband’s life, and he is mine。 We are always together, and have never had enough of each other’s pany。”

  Jane had a bad childhood, but it didn’t affect her much。 She read books behind the thick curtain; she got education for eight years in poor condition; she was intelligent, sensible and wise。 At the relationship with Edward Rochester, she was quite calm。 The governess with her beautiful, pure and

  frank soul, move Edward。 Rochester was rich, clever but a little weird。 Jane thought she didn’t really know him and never sure whether he was serious or joking。 So she kept a distance with him。 Fortunately, she came across the distance and expressed her love to Mr。 Rochester:

  “Do you think I can watch another woman bee your bride? Do you think I’m a machine, without feelings? Do you think, because I’m small and poor and plain, that I have no soul and no heart? Well, you’re wrong! I have as much soul and heart as you。 It’s my spirit that speaks to your spirit! We are equal in the sight of God!”

  I think when you heard of these words, you would stand at Jane’s side definitely。 And that’s love I long for。 In our real life, there are many examples that ladies lose themselves and bee dependent after marriage。 They give up their careers and the husband and kids bee their center。 For another instance, some ladies get married to the man they don’t love but possess a lot。 They regard their husbands as ATMs。 For the former, they lose themselves in marriage; for the latter, they do exchange with marriage。 Besides, some graduates fall in love with others due to loneliness。 You can see such lovers break up upon several months。 They do not take love seriously; they do not prepare to love somebody; even, they do not know what love is and how to love。 They just pretend to know。

  I’ve heard the words: who is a real man? A real man is the one you stay with but you can be yourself。 When I was in high school, a Chinese poem

  named To the Oak, impressed me a lot。 I have to say, that’s the love I appreciate。


  I recently read the long-admired “childhood in my college,” a novel by Soviet writer gorky’s most famous autobiographical trilogy。

  This book mainly describes the difficult life experience of gorky himself in childhood, youth and youth。 He was born at the age of four and lost his father at the age of four。 His childhood was spent in his grandfather’s house, and his grandfather often beat him。 He is often ridiculed by others, but he does not let go, he does not plain, he is not sad, but he is willing to forge ahead with an enterprising heart。 He had to sell his beloved book and leave the school class to buy medicine for his kindly grandmother。 At the age of eleven, his mother died, and he became an orphan。 In order to make a living, alisha was forced to enter the world。 He had been a shoe-store boy, had been a baby-sitter, had been a dishwasher on a ship, had worked as a handyman in the holy works。 He had done what the boss had done to him, and he had seen so many ugly things around him。 But I’m glad that none of this has intimidated alisher, making him a stronger, braver, more upright person。 Under the very miser

  able conditions of his life, he still loved literature and often went hungry and kept reading。 He didn’t get originally want to go to college, but I learned a lot in university of “social” famous university less than knowledge, broadened horizons, raise the consciousness, finally grow up to be a revolutionary intellectuals。

  I admire the indomitable spirit of alyosha and admire the spirit of literature。 Children also feel ashamed at the same time, we now have the care of their parents and teachers to teach, but due to lack of “wind and rain baptism,” many of our classmates a little difficulty in learning life at ordinary times can be difficult to deal with。 At the same time, many of us have good learning conditions, but we don’t want to study hard。 At the moment, I know what we should cherish this moment is perfect life, cherish this moment a good study time, following the example of golgi, strong and optimistic, strive forward, after be brought up。


  Recently,I have just finished reading a famous novel written by Margaret mitchell—“Gone with the Wind”,which is one of the most popular works among American novels。It took the auther about 10 years to finish this great novel,the only novel in her life。 The story happened during the Civil War eve。Scarlett O’Hara,a 16-year-old girl,who was living in Tala manor in Georgia,was loving her neighbor Ashley Wilkes。However,after the war have broken out, Ashley Wilkes married his yonger cousin Melanie。 Scarlett was so angry that she decided to marry a man she didn?t really love—- Charles Hamilton。Not long after that, Charles Hamilton joined the Army and died of illness in the war。So Scarlett had to act as a widow。Afterwards,at a donating dance party,Scarlett is acquainted with a captain named Rhett Butler。 Then the flames of war approached Atlanta。Everyone was busy leaving away from the war。Scarlett managed to escape from Atlanta with the help of captain Rhett。Having e back to Tala manor,Sc

  arlett made up her mind to rally her homeland at any cost when she saw that the former manor had been ruined。Later,her second husband died in the fight,she was a widow again。Durling that time, Rhett had been loving Scarlett sincerely and warmly。Seeing that Rhett could help her rally the manor,Scarlett married

  him。Although Rhett had similar characteristic attracting her,Scarlett still loved Ashley。Later,their only daughter died accidently,Rhett left Scarlett sorrowly。And then Scarlett realized that Rhett was the only one who could fall in love with her。

  The novel takes the US Civil War as the background。It takes Scarlett?s individual activity as the thread。The book show us a tragic love story 。A couple who could have a perfect future,but finnally go in opposite direction。As a matter of fact,their charactristics have decided their tragic result inevitably。We feel sorry about the end because we are looking forward to a perfect end,just like Scarlett and Rhett。In fact,ferfect is always a excessive damand。

  I affirm Rhett。He brings excitement to Scarlett?s life and encourages her impulse to change and succeed。Like Scarlett,he goes after what he wants and refuses to take ?no? for an answer。He is humorous,intelligent and cynical with a hint of treason。He is really a respectable man。I think he finnally left because of love 。Otherwise,he couldn?t have gone without hesitation。

  Ashley Wilkes is the foil to Rhett?s dark, realistic opportunism。If there was no Civil War,he is surely a nobility of grace and charm。But history cannot be changed。He bocame a victim of the war。His era was gone with the defeat of the war。At the same time,we cannot deny the

  fact that he had a chear understanding about reality,which just contribute to his tragedy。

  In this book,what I appreciate most is not Melanie?skindness or Rheet?s dedication and patience,but Scarlett?s courage to throw her long-standing morality and tradition whe faced with diffiiculties。At the beginning of the war,she didn?t care about this。In her world are endless dinner parties and dance parties。In her body are her father?s brave Irish blood and her mother?s noble French pure blood。She had a vast farm as her home。She had hundreds of slaves。This is Scarlett。,a member of noblity,proud and different。However,the war changed everything。Her mother died of illness。Her father bee silent and the farm was nearly deserted。Even food became a big problem。All the pressure was put on Scarlett?s shoulder。She must feed a family of 9 people in it。What a big difference of level。If all this happened to someone else,he or she may choose to escape。On the contrary,Scarlett choose to face the change of life bravely。How can we not admire her courage of to change herself。Life is like a mountain

  。The road can?t be pletely smooth。When we fall down from the peak,we may get hert ,we may get disappointed,we may feel despair。But if you want to survive,you must stand up to face it。

  It is obvious that <> is really a good book,even if a long time has passed away,it is still suitable for today?s

  society。It is of great importance to change ourselves,change our value even our thoughts when our life chages。

  On the other hand,I think there is no real perfect in the world。Everybody has his shortings。It is necessary for us to learn to forgive others? faults。If we keep good-tempered,Ibelieve there will be more edy and less tragedy。


  ”The happiness of man waits until the end, before he is born and before the funeral, no one has the right to say that he is happy” — the self-ordering of yu hua’s short story, “to live”。 I love this book, because every time when reading this book, I will feel all of the difficulties faced by actually doesn’t consider as what, people are always so, if he did not feel the real pain, he would be naive to think he is facing great difficulties, so he was upset and frustrated。 Reading this book gives me great courage to pursue the happiness I want。

  ”What is happiness? This is what a person is pursuing from life to death, which is also the value of a person’s life, but there are still many people who can’t find the happiness they want。 And I read “living” after the feeling of the book to talk about my “happiness” some ideas!

  What is life for? Or just live to live? Alive, is the most basic nature gives us the potential, the two simple words is full of desire for the life and the pursuit of happiness, but the reality is often gives us too much suffering, boring and mediocrity。 And we have to bear it little by little, to take on the responsibilities that life has given us, and to find the flower of happiness that belongs to us after we have done it again and again。 Because it is hard to e by, it is more eager and cherishing。 Party name

  On the edge of poverty, happiness can still be found, and behind the glamour, happiness may still be the same。 Happiness lies not in the environment you are in, but in the state of mind you create, not in what you have, but in what you feel inside。 To do things according to our own heart, happiness can be very simple, happiness is the heart of the achievement of our happy life。

  There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of happiness, but we forget our blessings when we are in a hurry。 We all seem to be in such a state at the moment: we are always busy, we are always on our way, we think we will be happy at some end。 So in the pursuit of this cannot stop, we are deeply tired, but have never pursued the happiness we hoped for。 This life is a process, if we are in a hurry, “the pursuit of happiness, but forget the little drops of life, so we are happy or not, all already did not have the feeling。 So when you’re running, slow down and enjoy the sights and people, you’ll probably get something different。

  There is no lack of beauty in life, only a lack of eyes to find beauty; There is no lack of happiness in life, just a lack of awareness of happiness。 Let us fly the heart and feel the happiness!


  Reading and writing are the process of drawing and inputting, while the other is the process of releasing and outputting。 Read a book, after the author and a soulful dialogue, through the way of writing to record their own reading, municate and exchange with the author and more people to sort out their own thinking, is a matter of great significance。

  To write a good book, you must first read a Book carefully。 If you do not read carefully and do not read through the whole work, it is very difficult to grasp the author’s writing intention and the subtleties of the work as a whole。

  Mr。 Zhao Lihong is a famous writer, has many works in Chinese textbooks, in the field of education and the munity have high visibility。 For the sake of the same party, I had the honor of meeting him and receiving the books he gave to me from time to time。 I can’t live up to his kindness, Gesanchaiwu will read his book, write a book after reading notes。 Think of yourself as a physics teacher, both literary conception and teacher Zhao still have a big gap, so write after reading notes put it in my blog, did not have the nerve to tell him。 By chance, Mr。 Zhao Lihong from the network search to my writing, very surprised, for my science teacher has given many awards, and mentioned on several occasions, so we are concerned about what I write。

  Miss Zhao is love I write these, a very important reason is that I read his works, generally read what he wants, and the text will I understand that out, carried out a series of good munication and dialogue with him。 We often say, “without investigation, there is no right to speak”, this sentence is used in reading is also interlinked, and did not seriously read a book, it is impossible to write more appropriate reading notes。

  Reading notes there are three main forms: reading notes and book reviews, respectively。

  A book review is often a judgment of the value of a book。 To say this book merits or defects, which is a sort of author of values, but also readers will interact with their own value judgment and the author’s point of view, to find the meeting point of the process。 Relatively speaking, book readers need to have their own certain reading horizons, read some of the same type of books, the author and his writing intention have a certain understanding, can stand on a higher level to look at this book。

  The book has three basic functions: one is to introduce the content of this book to other potential readers, arouse their interest in reading; two is the type of this book defines, let everyone understand that this is a kind of work; three is the introduction。 Introduce some of the deepest feelings in your book and guide others to pay attention to the relevant content while reading。

  In terms of the types of book reviews, it can be generalized into the following three types: one is the introduction of nature books。 This kind of book reviews are usually relatively short, and make a brief introduction to the basic situation of the book so that people can understand the basic information and core content of the book。 Two, the book reviews of the evaluation category。 For example, a novel, the first to introduce the story of the work, and then its characteristics, highlights, the main style, such as a summary, which will also involve some of the defects in the works of evaluation。 The three is academic book reviews。 On the basis of the above two kinds of book reviews, the author makes a further study from the theoretical point of view, and judges the value of the works from the perspectives of academic thought and academic status。 This requires the author of the book review to have a solid academic foundation。

  In parison, the writing is free。 If the target audience is people’s intention of writing is to remend a book to others, attracting everyone up and read the words on the target audience is itself, is in the process of reading a book in some aspects, especially feelings, then there is a sense of hair。 It was not necessary to judge the value of the whole book, as long as there is a feeling in some ways, you can feel, write their own experiences to。

  If the basic function is the review content introduction, definition and types of works of reading, reading is the basic function of recording experience, elaborated understanding, seeking meaning。 The process of reading, there is always some place to touch their own, while reading their own feelings and experiences recorded, the first step is to write the book。 We often have experiences like this: a good idea in the reading process, because it is not recorded in time, and will not be returned after a few days。 It is important to keep track of new feelings in a timely manner。 After reading the whole work and go back to record these feelings, will find some can be bined together to illustrate a point from different angles, help yourself to further understand the work; if we can find a few points, will further highlight the significance of the work。

  It is not necessary。 A book, if there is a section of special interest to you, you can e out from this section, expound their own opinions and ideas; you can also take the book with his own interest and occupation related content is extracted, the content about their feelings, but not with to other areas。 Of course, you can also ment on the whole book and express your views and opinions。 It is more emphasis on theory and practice, so that works with their life closely,

  Notes are also a mon type of reading notes。 In reading, to a certain words more interested in, and will record it, and acpanied by one or two words of their own feelings and experience, these contents accumulated, is the notes。

  Compared with book reviews, book notes, more suitable for people just started to write reading notes for lianbi。 Many people like to read books, but they just don’t know how to write their reading notes。 In the process of reading, encountered some better statements, it will be recorded directly。 There must be a reason why you feel good about it, and these reasons do not have to be well written。 Two or three words mean “yes”。 In this way, while recording, while writing their own intravenous drip, not tired at all, after reading the book, the written text will e out。 I have seen a teacher in my reading “reading notes” is one of the best teachers practice books on the Internet, copious and fluent recording more than 10 feet, nearly the length of words。 Although their own feelings are not many, in order to extract the words from the book as the main, but for this teacher, after reading the harvest will be much larger than others。


  Gulliver’s Travels 格列佛游记

  The story includes three parts。They are respectively talking about:Gulliver in Lilliput,in Brobdingnag,and in Houyhnms。

  Gulliver travels to the South Seas。On their way to the East Indies,a strong wind carried them to the wrong way。Most of the people died。Some days later,he es to Lilliput,everything is small there。Three days later,he es to Brobdingnag。This country is opposite from Lilliput,the thing are huge,very huge!Then he travels to a place called Houyhnms,which is also very interesting。


  this paper is a review about web usage mining。 it introduced web usage mining in detail 。 although it is a little old for it was published in XX its contents are very useful today 。 it is organized according to the sequence of web usage mining and the six main parts are introduction which tells me what is web usage mining the sources and abstraction of web data the three steps of web usage mining taxonomy and project survey websift overview privacy issues 。


  Five Famous Fairy Tales 著名童话五则

  This book tells five famous fairy tales。Today,I will mainly introduce the story,The White Birds,written by Hans Anderson。

  There is a king with ten sons and one daughter。Their mother died when the daughter,Elisa,was born。Then the king married with another woman。But she is a bad and jealous woman。She changes the boys in to ten white birds。Elisa makes the coats of gold flowers to help them。Finally she succeeds,her brothers change bake to people,and she married with a king。


  Alice in Wonderland 爱丽丝奇遇记

  One hot summer day,Alice and her sister are sitting under the tree。Alice sees a white rabbit,and she run after it。The rabbit goes down a rabbit whole and Alice follows it,she is now in a strange wonderland。Alice eats some special things,and she changes her size!Everything is different and strange there。The animals there can speak!Alice meets many interesting things。At last,she wakes up。It’s just a dream!



  Nick is a good surfer。He wants to go to Australia for three months。But his parents don’t like his plan。They want Nick to go to college。But Nick still tries his best to make his parents agree。Because he wants to join an important surfing petition there。Later Nick join another surfing petition,and he win the first price——a thousand pounds!Then his father agrees with Nick’s plan,and affords his plane ticket!


  Brown Eyes 棕眼

  Peter and Susan arrived at their hotel in Lea-on-Sea。They always visit a beautiful island every year。But this time,they meet a man who pretends to be Peter。He has the same face as Peter by his mask。He is Stephen Griggs。He killed Susan and takes out his mask,and then gives Peter the gun!In this way,peter was caught by the police。


  Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea 海底两万里

  Story started in 。Aronnax,a natural historian,was studying for a large monster under the sea。At that time,the monster’s massagers were traveling around the world。After the investigation,he would return from aboard。And then he received an invitation from sea forces of America。So he was going to make the monster die out。


  Dr Bethune

  Yesterday,I read a book,the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》。

  Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada。In ,he came to China。At that time ,China was at war with Japan。He worked as a doctor in the Chinese army and saved many soldiers’ lives。He worked very hard and became sick。Dr Bethune died in 。He was only years old。He was a good man and we remember him today。

  I think the book is very,very good!


  The Jungle Book 森林王子

  There is a family of wolf live in the jungle。They find a very young brown child,with big eyes and no clothes。The wolves take the little boy in to their home。The child learns and plays with the other cubs。And they named him Mowgli。Later he bees a brave and clever teenager。At last,Mowgli hunts with his ‘brothers’ in the jungle!



  Heidi is a cute and kindhearted girl。She lives in the mountain of Switzerland,and has no mother or father。One sunny day,she goes to stay with her grandfather in his little wooden house,high up in the mountain。She soon has a friend——goat-Peter。She makes Alm-Opa no longer lonely。One day,Heidi’s aunt takes her to Miss Rohmer’s house to be a servant。Later she helps Clara to stand up from the wheel chair,and can even walk more!



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